How to Choose the Best DSLR Camera

There are a number of reasons why someone would want to shift to using a DSLR from a point and shoot digital camera. These reasons could range from wanting to get better image quality in your pictures to having the option of manual controls. Also, with photography becoming a more affordable hobby since the advent of digital cameras, it has also drawn more people towards it. After achieving a level of proficiency with digital cameras, most amateur photographers would want to use DSLRs. But how do you choose the best DSLR for beginners and what are the factors that need to be kept in mind? In this article, we give you tips that will help you choose out the best device fit for your needs.

Choosing the Best DSLR

Without beating around the bush, let us take a look at those factors that will help you decide which is the best DSLR for the money that you are spending on it. All the different features that you need to look out for in a camera to indulge in your interest of photography are listed out below.

One of the most important factors to consider while buying a camera is what

Tips to Clean Your Digital SLR Camera

Owning an SLR camera gives you the opportunity and the tool to click some stunning photographs, but you also need to maintain your camera properly and clean it from time to time so that the quality of the images that you click does not suffer. People who use their cameras outdoors a lot will soon find that their picture quality is dropping, and this happens because of dust, grime and other particles that get attached to the sensor of the camera itself. Cleaning your SLR camera is something that you should undertake at least once a month, and if you are an outdoors person, then the frequency of this process should be even greater.

How to Clean Your Digital SLR Camera

SLR stands for Single Lens Reflex, and this is a technology that manipulates the light around the subject so as to give a crisper and clearer image from the camera. Without going into the technicalities of the way this technology functions, it should suffice to say that cleaning the body and the lens of the camera is imperative to continue getting high quality images from the SLR camera that you own. When it comes to maintaining SLR cameras, it

How to Resolve Troubleshooting your Digital Camera

Digital cameras have seen a great boom since the invention of Polaroids. Almost every household has a digital camera these days. Perhaps that’s not the case with you and you just bought yourself a new digital camera. You’re excited about taking pictures and follow all the steps in the manual properly. But something goes wrong when you’re actually taking a picture or maybe it didn’t come out the way you wanted. Now what? First thing would be to check the important troubleshooting section in the manual provided with the camera. If you still can’t fix the issue(s) with your digital camera, take a look at these quick fixes to any problems you may encounter.

Troubleshooting your Digital Camera

Before you get more frustrated and regret buying your digital camera, try out the functions cited below.

  • If you feel that the image quality is not good, you might want to check the lens for dirt and clean it thoroughly with the kit that is available in the market. Also check what settings are selected.
  • The camera stores images in the memory cards. Make sure that the card is formatted before clicking pictures and the memory card is in the camera while

Tips Before You Buying Camera Bags

A camera bag must provide adequate protection and space to the expensive gear it carries. Thus, the rule of thumb to follow while going through myriad of options is to go in for a camera bag that meets these two criteria above all else. Thereafter, you must consider the design and accessibility, additional storage space, weather protection, weight, cost, and the ease with which you can carry the bag. Some brands you can trust are Lowepro, Tamrac, Crumpler, Kata, and Boda camera bags.

Know the Types of Camera Bags

There is a plethora of options when it comes to such camera bags; however, you must go in for a bag that is weather-protected, has plenty of external compartments, and lots of space to store the camera inside.

  • Camera shoulder bags are perhaps the most popular choice among both amateur as well as professional photographers. These bags are very comfortable to carry and can be slung around the neck and arm, thereby, allowing the photographer to move and run more easily. Such bags also accommodate laptops and chargers.
  • Camera backpacks are mostly used for storing a lot of camera gear; however, such bags are not easily accessible and are thus, not

Tips for Buying a Used DSLR

Digital Single Lens Reflex or DSLR cameras are best-suited for aspiring photographers and photography enthusiasts who want to progress to the next level and do more than just point and shoot. These cameras come with a variety of lenses with different focal lengths, that provide superior quality images. All those upgrading from their P&S (point-and-shoot) cameras will be amazed with the quality of images taken from a DSLR, in low-light and fast-action conditions. As these devices cost more than point and shoot digital cameras, opting for a used DSLR is the right choice for someone who isn’t willing to spend that much. But, it then becomes necessary to inspect and select the right DSLR, free of any defects. We, at Buzzle, have listed down a few points that you need to check that will ensure you get a good deal.

Shutter Count (Actuations)

There are a finite number of shutter cycles for a DSLR camera, which means its life is fixed. Once this limit is crossed, you need to replace the entire shutter mechanism. The shutter count will give you a clear idea about the number of clicks done by the camera. It is also known as actuations. The seller

Landscape Photography Tips

A landscape photograph is a photograph in which the main subject is nature. The purpose of a landscape photograph is to capture the beauty of a natural landscape, and this is the reason landscape photographers do not include people as their subjects. Landscape photography, just like wildlife photography, is not easy as it requires a lot of time and effort. There are three styles of landscape photography: representational, impressionistic and abstract. No matter what your style is, the following tips on landscape photography are sure to help you.

Useful Tips for Landscape Photography

Just like any other art, there are certain landscape photography techniques that you should follow if you wish to click some awesome shots. If you have tried your hands at portrait photography before, you’ll find that these tips are different from tips for portrait photography for the fact that these are two very different styles of photography.

Use a Wide Angle Lens
The ideal lens for landscape photography is a wide-angle lens. Using a wide-angle lens allows you to capture more of the breathtaking view in your shot. Also, using a wide-angle lens for your shot gives you the option of converting it into a panorama, with the

Tips to Buy Cheap Camera

Some of the best companies which offer effective and budget cameras are Sony, Nikon, Canon, Casio, and Panasonic. Point and shoot models are going from cheap to cheaper, whereas entry-level DSLRs with lens are available at an affordable price.

Best DSLR Models

Nikon D3000
Nikon claims this model to be its ‘friendliest DSLR ever’. It has a sturdy body with a 10.2-megapixel sensor and a 3-inch LCD screen. The product package includes the body and an AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 VR lens. You may have to pay around USD 550 for the D3000, which is a good price for beginners.

Canon EOS Rebel T3
This is a newly launched DSLR camera from Canon. It has a 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 2.7-inch screen. It also has the feature to record HD videos, and edit them with the inbuilt movie editing function. The product pack comes with the device and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Type II lens. The estimated retail price is suggested to be USD 600.

Sony DSLR-A290 (α290)
When it is a matter of the best digital SLR cameras, Sony is not opted for that much as compared to its primary rivals, Nikon and Canon. However, it is

Waterproof Camera Reviews

Clicking pictures near or underwater is certainly not possible with the standard camcorder or camera. For clear pictures, near or underwater you need to have a durable waterproof camera. The good news is, reputed brands like Canon, Olympus, Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony have brought out some amazing waterproof cameras in the market. Buying these products and their accessories might be a little expensive for some but one cannot deny the importance of these cameras when you want to click pictures near or underwater.

Waterproof cameras have been in the market since 2002 and their demand has only increased. They share the same features like any other digital camera with high-resolution LCD screens, faster processors, wider angle lenses, built-in image stabilization and high-resolution sensors. The only difference is, waterproof cameras have non extending lenses and internal zooms which ensure no water gets inside the camera and some models are even shock resistant and dust proof.

Reviews on Waterproof Camera

It doesn’t matter if you are in diving in deep waters or skiing on snow, the following cameras work just fine under both scenarios as they are water and freeze proof. However, it is recommended that you test them before making a purchase

How to Starting a Photography Business

Many people with an eye for beauty, judgment of light, and ability to capture the moment undertake photography business. Those who have made a name for themselves in this field are earning extremely well today. This is because there are three things which matter the most for the success of this business: right composition of elements in the photograph, right opportunity, and right networking.

Undertake Professional Courses

Even if people say you are a ‘pro’ at photography, it is highly advisable that you undertake professional courses to hone your talent. Getting a certification in photography or attending courses will give your work a professional perspective. Needless to say, your work will be taken more seriously on competitive platforms. It will also teach you to work with many photography software, the knowledge of which has become indispensable today.


Is there a photographer whose work you look up to or appreciate? You may be in awe of how he has carved a niche for himself in the field of photography. You may even be a pure admirer of his art. Meet that person and speak to him about your aspirations. Request him to teach you ‘tricks of this trade’

Tips for Wedding Photography

Unlike still life photography, wedding photography is an uphill task. You not only have to pay attention to the minute details, but also have to appease the bride and groom with satisfactory pictures. After all, the wedding pictures are not something everyone takes lightly. Besides, wedding photographs are the only means for a couple to reminisce their wedding day long after the actual day has passed. All this just points us in one direction―of getting the perfect shots during a wedding photo shoot. For this, you need not just a camera but a lot of other equipment as well.


One of the most essential equipment for wedding photography is a good full-frame DSLR camera. Wedding photography demands superior definition, detailing, and sharpness for which you need to possess a full-frame 5D camera. For obvious reasons, it is always better to carry an extra camera body with you at all times, especially for weddings. After all, you wouldn’t want to run out on business or customers because your primary camera decided to give way in between a photo shoot.

Cameras like Canon EOS 5D, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Nikon D800, Sony a99, Nikon D600 among others can be your companion

Tips for Editorial Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and photography serves as the perfect medium for these words. The beauty of a photograph is the fact that it isn’t merely another piece of art or some random words put together, in fact every single photograph is a moment forever preserved in time. Photography finds its place and is very much an integral part of many an industry, right from toy makers using it to sell their products, to super luxurious car makers selling their top cars. Photography isn’t just restricted to selling a product, but can also be a very powerful tool in trying to convey a message or to add to a message.

Editorial Photography

Photography which is not aimed at selling a particular product or intended to advertise anything commercial is called editorial photography. This field is rather vast and spans across almost all topics imaginable, right from still photography aimed at adding to the appeal of any literature or poem, to medical photography which tries to explain some rather serious matters about health. These photographs could either speak entirely for themselves, or, as they are often used, may be used to better portray a subject.They could

Photography Tips for Golden Hour

Golden light photography is like being dealt a pair of aces in a game of Texas hold ’em. It’s a great hand, but you still have to raise the stakes to rake in some real moolah, you have to be careful not to go overboard with your bets and mess it up, and the five community cards can still mess up the hand of your life.

The golden hour is (approximately) an hour after sunrise and before sunset, and this time can vary from region to region. The light during this period is ideal for amateur photography, and a very helpful natural aid for the pros.

Photography is all about light and the best ways to manipulate it. In a studio setting the photographer is in full control of the lighting, and can determine just how ‘fresh’ the latest aspiring model would look. Nature, on the other hand, is a fickle mistress, and your best-laid plans can be ruined by the slightest of showers in the middle of summer. So it’s best to go along with the flitting moods of Mother Nature, and take advantage of the times when she’s helpful.

But first, let’s get something out of the way. Just

Underwater Photography Tips

In the year 1926, the hogfish taking its daily swim through the azure waters off the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico, would never have imagined that it would be captured on camera and would also be framed in the first underwater color photograph ever available. Dr. William Longley and Charles Martin (National Geographic staff photographer) used their cameras encased in waterproof materials to start a phenomenon, they could never have imagined.

Underwater photography is about unveiling a world that exists beneath the deep seas. To master this art, one would need to be an excellent swimmer and know the latest deep-sea diving techniques. It requires the use of special photography equipment and also an eye for detail. It offers numerous challenges and provides a whole new world of opportunities to the photographer. Apart from being highly skilled in swimming, an underwater photographer must also be mentally prepared to face all the challenges he/she faces in the deep waters. Unavoidable natural circumstances may occur wherein the photographer may have to rely on his instinct and attitude to squirm out of a tricky situation.

For this kind of photography, one must always remember that the medium the light travels through

Portrait Photography Tips

You need not be an expert or professional at portrait photography to click a stunning portrait of your subject. A portrait can be defined as a person’s similitude. Though the definition is very simple, the portrait in itself has a deeper meaning. A portrait can capture the features, character or nature of the subject.

A great portrait is the one that reflects the uniqueness of the subject along with the “wow” factor. Now, if you are new at portrait photography, then keep in mind that there are simply no rules for capturing portraits.
How to Capture Stunning Portraits

Tools of The Trade

The very important tool that you require to create a wonderful portrait is a camera Search on the Internet or visit a nearby store to make yourself aware of the cameras available. Digital cameras make some of the best cameras to be used for portrait photography. They are easy to work with when compared with film cameras, due to their versatile nature and accuracy. Certain features of such cameras help to enhance the beauty of the portrait. Avail a good deal on a tripod while you’re at it.


Decide the background or location where you want

Angle Shot in Photography

The Dutch angle is one of the photography/cinematography techniques in which all you have to do is tilt the camera for a different angle while clicking a picture.

The term can be defined as – a shot where the horizontal line of the object is not parallel with the bottom of the frame, whereas the vertical lines form an angle with the sides of the frame. This technique has many interesting stories about the names it has got. It is called a Dutch tilt, canted angle, oblique angle, or a German angle.

Why a German angle if it’s Dutch, you ask? In German, the German language is called “Deutsch”, and this was the original name. As years passed, the name was misspelled and ‘Deutsch’ became ‘Dutch’. So, this angle comes from Germany and it has been used since 1920.

The German directors used this technique when the Expressionist movement came in. As years passed, it came into Hollywood and was used in horror films. Many directors like Alfred Hitchcock, John Huston, Billy Wilder, etc., have used this technique and we all see the great outcome of it.

With this short history, let’s move on to how and why it is done. You

Creative Digital Photography Project

Everyone is an amateur photographer. With digital camera becoming cheaper and camera-enabled mobile phones giving better quality, it is extremely easy for a person to indulge in the hobby of photography. If you also would like to better your photography skills, then one way to do so would be to take up a photography project. There are many different ideas that you can choose from. In this article, we give you some of these ideas that you can use.

Digital Photography Projects

Coming up with ideas for a photography project can be at times cumbersome because most ideas that you come up with can seem repetitive and overdone. But you need to think differently. In order to create gorgeous images, you do not need unique subjects but a unique approach. Even the simplest of things can look extraordinary if you have the right vision. The ideas given in this article will hopefully help you capture images testament to that.

Intrigue in Nature

You do not have to be a great photographer to recognize the beauty that is in front on your eyes. There are some images that always intrigue and force you to think. How many times have you looked up at

Tips to Focus Your Camera in the Dark

A photograph is essentially a map of light. When you take a picture, you’re actually drawing up a recording of the light reflecting off the photographed object.

Shooting in the dark, without knowing where exactly to focus, can be quite a task. Shooting aimlessly would be the possible solution, but you might end up with a few dozen goofed-up pictures, especially when it involves taking portraits. Using the auto focus mode is literally of no use in the dark, for there is no light that will guide you towards your object. The best solution here, is to use the manual mode to lock your focus into the frame and then shoot.

Low light photography, and night photography for that matter, is all about trusting your instincts to get the best out of the little illumination available. The only way you can ensure a quality picture, is by keeping the shutter open for as long as possible. Remember, night photography or low light photography is about depth and dimension. It would be beneficial to avoid using the flash constantly, and ruin the photograph.

Turn Off Auto Focus

First things, first: turn off your camera’s auto focus feature. Use the

Basic Types of Photography Lighting

Lighting is an important part of good photography. It is an existing tool, which a photographer needs to exploit to take some of the best pictures. The type of lighting decides the mood of the photograph and the texture it might get. A light effect can make or break your shot. For amateur and avid outdoor photographers, natural light is the only available light source. Thus, it is very important to understand the types of photography lighting and how it can affect your photographs. Lighting with respect to photography is one such subject which most photographers continue to study even after taking some of the prize winning pictures. So read on to know what are some of the types of lighting in photography.

Types of Lighting in Photography

Outdoor Lighting
The way the light falls on a subject and the way you to use it, will decide the color, quality and the texture of the photograph. In a photo studio these factors can be controlled. However, when you are shooting outdoors neither the source of the light, nor the subject can be controlled. Hence you need to know exactly how to exploit the natural light resource. The natural light sources

Types of Photographers

A keen eye and an opportunistic mind are the basic elements which are required to produce some of the best photographs of the world. Saying that the field of photography is a diverse one would be an understatement. Nevertheless, let’s have a look at the various types, in brief.

Fashion Photographers
One of the most lucrative photography careers is the genre of fashion photography. The work is related to fashion shows, magazines, publications, etc. These photographers serve as a visual means of communication between the fashion world and the masses. Fashion photographers do the work of presenting the feel of the clothes and accessories, which are projected by fashion models.

Portrait Photographers
These photographers generally have studios as their work place. They work on individual and family portraits. Portrait photography is more in demand with respect to occasions like graduation day, birthday parties, vacations, etc.

Wedding Photographers
Weddings are all about moments; moments of happiness, surprise, nervousness, etc. That is the reason why these photographers are trained in capturing some of the most special moments, and in a variety of creative ways. Some people still prefer the traditional ways of getting their photographs, by standing still and wearing a smile, while most couples

Basic Guidelines about Photography

A photograph is not always a representation of what is seen, in fact, it often conveys many thoughts or ideas that are far apart from reality. The argument ‘can a photograph speak much more than words?’ remains till today. Well, this is surely an issue which also completely depends on the photograph.

Photography is not just about having the right equipment or studying the most advanced courses. A good photographer requires skill and keen powers of observation to be able to capture the best frame. Today, photography has surely advanced to higher proportions. It is no longer just a hobby, this is one of the most sought-after professions in recent times. To be a successful photographer requires practice, observation, the right equipment, and a little bit of ‘lady luck’ at times! If you have a keen interest in photography, then take a look at these techniques and tips that will act as your basic guide in the world of photography.

Basic Guidelines about Photography

The popularity of digital photography has led to newer inventions and improvements of the digital camera. The developments of these models have led to more and more people being introduced to this artistic medium. Often, digital cameras